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We understand that meat plays a big part in Superyacht provisioning, and to provide you with the best quality possible we have researched, tasted, and hand-selected some of the best products available on the market.

On a weekly basis we bring in certified Angus from Cork, Ireland - all cuts- fillet, sirloin, rib-eye etc. We also bring in dry-aged beef from Co Tipperary, Ireland. In our opinion, these are two of the best beef products in the world. 

Our lamb is salt-marsh lamb from Romney in the UK. This is seasonal so we import it and freeze it so that we have a good stock supply. We also import Irish lamb, and we purchase this directly from the farmer. 

In Spain there is a world of pork, so we buy from standard producers, plus Iberico pork and special breed pork. 

Our high quality veal is from Limousin, France, and it is worth noting that this usually needs to be ordered a week in advance. 

Bacon and sausages come from Gubbeen, Co Cork, and they are made from free range pork. Also from Gubbeen we buy free range hams (smoked and green). 

We source Wagyu from Japan and Spain, and we work with a variety of charcuterie producers.

Chicken, poultry and game are readily available, and we also import Poulet de Bresse from France. 

Attention is placed on making sure that wholesomeness, quality, and freshness are the driving forces behind our whole process.

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Only the best

With a specialist team of food-lovers, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best produce for our customers.


We have pickers that visit the fruit and vegetable markets daily, and their job is to hand pick the best produce available on the day.


We import Romney Saltmarsh Lamb, Japanese Wagyu and Irish Dry Aged Beef.

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