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Dry Goods

Dry Goods

We import some of the best vinegar in the world, from Forum Vinegars in Tarragona, and from Minus 8 in Canada. Minus 8 make their vinegar from grapes that are picked at around -8 degrees, and it has a spectacular taste. We buy balsamic from Moderna.

Our risotto rice is purchased from Aguacquerello in Turino, which is considered to be the best in the world. All of the rice has been aged for over a year. 

Pasta is imported from Gerardo di Nola, who cut their pasta the old-fashioned way using copper cutters. 

Our olive oil is from La Boella, which is locally produced and is of excellent quality. 

Honey is from Art Muria, a small producer of high quality honey. 

We try to source the best quality in everything from store cupboard essentials to Asian goods.

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Only the best

With a specialist team of food-lovers, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best produce for our customers.


We have pickers that visit the fruit and vegetable markets daily, and their job is to hand pick the best produce available on the day.


We import Romney Saltmarsh Lamb, Japanese Wagyu and Irish Dry Aged Beef.

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