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Breads & Pastries


We supply high quality Alain Milliat fresh juices, a nice selection of local Spanish wines, and we have access to international wines, spirits, coffee and tea. 

We source Peaberry coffee from Columbia, especially picked for us and roasted to order so that it is not sitting in a bag losing flavour. 

Our range of teas includes all of the normal and flavoured varieties, plus we also import high quality specialist teas from Hamey & Sons.

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Only the best

With a specialist team of food-lovers, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best produce for our customers.


We have pickers that visit the fruit and vegetable markets daily, and their job is to hand pick the best produce available on the day.


We import Romney Saltmarsh Lamb, Japanese Wagyu and Irish Dry Aged Beef.

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Transversal 8, nm 47, Mercabarna, Barcelona, 08040, Spain
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